In November 2020, WP3 has launched the STEM Centre Platform on Vilnius University’s website. This separate platform will be accessible even after EASTEM project is done. 


The aims of this platform are:

  1. To provide information in English about STEM Education centres, which are being developed by EASTEM project partner universities from three countries (Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam);
  2. To make the platform as a place for networking and sharing the STEM education experiences from different countries, not only among Asian countries. It is also a place to establish the EASTEM centres consortium, which would actively promote Europe-Asia collaboration in the field of STEM education.

In this platform, there are several informations that you can get such as EASTEM newsletters, Thailand STEM Centres and more! Visit the website using this link or through Work Package 3 (WP3) section in the Deliverables.

EASTEM Newsletters is accessible from STEM Centres News section.
Information about STEM Centre in different universities.

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