The Corona crisis is affecting different areas of our lives and thus, also the EASTEM project needs to test new ways of communicating and bringing the project forward. A biweekly newslater was started in April to share latest information about the project’s progress. There are many activities going on – among others – there are four online seminars on qualitative research in May and June 2020.

The first seminar took place on 4th May 2020 via an online communication platform. 

Meetine remotely EASTEM

WP 2: On 4 May, 20 project members from the WP 2 teams of Uppsala University (UU), Chiang Mai University, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Prince of Songkla University, Del Institute of Technology, Mahidol University, Hue University of Science, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education, and Vilnius University (VU) as well as our external evaluator met for the first online seminar in the series on Collecting, Understanding and Publishing EASTEM Data in WP 2 (CUP EASTEM). Anders Berglund and Mats Daniels from UU introduced methodologies for qualitative research and the group discussed how to apply these to assess the ToT courses.

Online Seminar EASTEM

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