EASTEM – Erasmus+ Capacity Building KA2 project that took place between 2019-2022. Bridging the skills gap for graduates is a key challenge globally and has a detrimental effect on both individual employability, local, national and regional growth and development. Both the EU and ASEAN are putting significant resources towards addressing the issue.

EASTEM has contributed to improved access to high quality university STEM education (including online education) for students in a variety of settings, including both urban and rural landscapes, public and private universities.

Main tangible and non-tangible results of the project:

  1. Developed Student-Centered Learning (SCL) methodologies and trained above 4000 lecturers in Training of Teachers (ToT) course framework
  2. Established physical STEM centers in all Asian partners (10 STEM centers: 4 in Indonesia, 3 in Vietnam & 3 in Thailand)
  3. Established foundations for competence integration of industry-university relationship

Main project results were dissemination in the Final EASTEM Dissemination week online that took place between 10-14 January, 2022.
Partners initiated local activities on EASTEM best practices and deliverables in their respective languages. The last day of the EASTEM week was dedicated to the external audience. The Dissemination week reached out to more than 2 000 participants and can be viewed online: https://invitepeople.com/pages/44729#checkin.

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