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On Wednesday 15 January, EASTEM celebrated its first anniversary. Our project has been running for one year already. In this time, we have accomplished the following:

  • Established a large and diverse consortium with our 13 partner universities in Europe and Southeast Asia
  • Developed a ToT course framework to promote and train student-centered learning to lecturers at our universities
  • Agreed on a common model for how STEM centres can be set up at our universities as focal points for better STEM education

In 2020, we will move into an implementation phase in which lecturers having developed the ToT courses will spread the knowledge to their colleagues at home. We will proceed with launching STEM centres and pilot an online platform for networking between the STEM centres. In addition, we will make use of conferences and research symposiums as a way to disseminate the results and experiences we have had so far.

Join us for the continuation of our journey! Contact us to know more about how you could get involved!

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