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  Work Package 2  

Work Package 2 focuses on the development of Train the Trainers (ToT) courses for university lecturers in order to give them the tools to use student-centred learning approaches in their teaching. These teaching approaches are then spread to more lecturers in a cascade format. Lecturers who have participated in the ToT courses will also apply what they have learnt in their regular teaching with students. 

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  Work Package 3  

Work Package 3 helps to sustain the project by setting up STEM centres at partner universities. The centres will continue to conduct the ToT courses for university lecturers but will also organise activities engaging with external stakeholders, such as local high schools and businesses. In this way, the centres have the potential to function as hubs for discussions on STEM education in the local community. 

STEM Platform

It is a separate platform that will stay even after EASTEM is done. You can find information on the STEM centers, and relevant news about their activities.

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  Work Package 4  

In Work Package 4, professional competencies and input from industry partners are integrated in curricula, study programmes and university strategies. EASTEM aims to secure the support from university leadership at partner institutions to ensure that lasting change takes place. 

Conference paper WEEF 2020

Summary of WP4 meeting in October 2020

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